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News !!! As social event, on Wednesday, 2nd, there will be a guided tour at Palazzo Madama, one of the most famous historical palaces and museums of Torino, located in the heart of the city. Details will be supplied at EASSS.

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European Agent Systems Summer School

The eleventh edition of the European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS'09) will be co-located with MALLOW'09 and will take place at

University of Torino, Italy
31 August - 4 September, 2009

Like its very successful predecessors, EASSS 2009 aims to offer a valuable forum for knowledge exchange between various research groups in this field, for the benefit of students and researchers at both beginner and advanced level. The success of this summer school is essential not only for the mutual benefit of research groups, but also in forming future generations of researchers to maintain the excellence of agents' research and development in Europe. EASSS attracts about 100 students each year. The school provides a wide range of state-of-the-art courses given by the most prominent researchers in the area. A typical course has 4 hours in total and they are broad enough to provide a general introduction to the chosen topic, whilst also covering the most important contributions in depth.

Dates for registration and application for grants!

  • 20/6/2009 Grant application deadline (expired).
  • 30/6/2009 Early registration deadline and notification for the grant requests (expired);
  • 15/7/2009!!! Late registration deadline.
The list of courses has been published, check the Programme page.

For information about local organisation please contact agents009@di.unito.it.

The scope of EASSS includes (but is not limited to):

  • action selection and planning in multi-/agent systems
  • adaptation, evolution and learning in multi-/agent systems
  • agent-based simulation and modeling
  • agent communication, agent dialogues and agent argumentation
  • agents, ontologies, web services and semantic web
  • agent-oriented software engineering and development methodologies
  • agent programming languages and development tools
  • agent standardizations in industry and commerce
  • applications and deployment for agents and multi-agent systems
  • architectures for multi-agent systems
  • artificial market systems, auctions, trading agents and electronic commerce, electronic institutions
  • autonomous robots and robot teams
  • believability, human-like qualities of synthetic agents, humanoid and sociable robots
  • game theory and coalition formation for agents based systems
  • computational complexity in agent systems
  • conventions, commitments, norms, social laws and legal issues in multi-agent systems
  • coordination, cooperation, and collaboration in multi-agent systems
  • emergence, self-organisation and collective behavior in agent-based systems
  • foundational issues and theories of agency
  • information agents, routers, brokering and matchmaking
  • logics for specification, verification and validation of multi-agent systems
  • mobile agents
  • negotiation, task and resource allocation, and conflict handling in multi-agent systems
  • privacy, safety and security in multi-agent systems
  • scalability, robustness and dependability of multi-agent systems
  • social and cognitive models for agents
  • social and organizational structures of multi-agent systems
  • trust and reputation in multi-agent systems

The EASSS-2009 Committee members are:

Local Chairs:
Matteo Baldoni Torino, Italy
Cristina Baroglio Torino, Italy
Guido Boella Torino, Italy

Advisory Board:
Mehdi Dastani (chair) Utrecht, Netherlands
Rafael Bordini Durham, UK
Catholijn Jonker Delft, Netherlands
Barbara Keplicz Warszawa, Poland
Nicolas Maudet Paris, France
Andrea Omicini Bologna, Italy
Michal Pechoucek Prague, Czech Republic