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Application for Wifi-Access

Access to the internet from any pubblic place in Italy is strictly regulated by Italian Law 115/2005 (also known as the "Pisanu Act").

Briefly, it states that:

  • any access to the internet must be logged (the access, not the traffic) and kept for 4 years

  • any access must be identifiable

  • a copy of the photo ID of any person connecting to the internet must be kept together with the logs

Hence, during EASSS'09 - MALLOW'09 every person will need personal authentication credentials (user-id and password) to access the internet.
In the registration area there will be a service to collect copies of photo IDs, giving back the authentication pairs (due to the high number of attendees severe delays will occur).

To speed up this procedure, we kindly ask every attendee to supply in advance an image copy of his/her passport or any other valid photo ID, by scanning this document into JPG/PNG files and uploading it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

WIFI-ACCESS APPLICATION FORM (to be used both by EASSS and by MALLOW participants):
All fields marked with an asterisk * are compulsory

Important: requests that arrive within August, 25th, 2009 will be activated for EASSS and MALLOW. Those arriving after the 25th and within August, 30th, 2009 will be activated only for MALLOW. No extension to the deadlines is possible for burocratic reasons.

First name*:

Last name*: 

Email address (it will be used as your identifier)*:

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)*:

Place of Birth*

Country of Birth*:

Identity Document Type*:

Identity Document Number*:

Identity Document Place of Issue*:

Upload a scanned version of your identity Document (JPG,PNG or PDF of your passport is preferred)*:


I declare that my Operating System is updated*:
I declare that I have an antivurus software installed and updated*:

Authentication credentials (user-id and password) will be delivered at the registration desk
Thank you