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Registration and Accomodation

The registration to MALLOW 2009 and the request of a room at one of the University residences are to be done through the forms that will soon be available in this page.

For what concerns accomodation, MALLOW has reserved a limited number of rooms for its attendees at these two residences: Residenza Borsellino (in Italian) and Residenza Lungodora (in Italian). For (shorter) information in English, please, read this PDF guide. Such residences are placed in very good and central locations, supply many services and are really convenient w.r.t. hotels.

Rooms will be allocated on a first-come first-served policy. All rooms are single and the fee is 20 euros per night if you are a student. Non-students pay 35 euros per night. In order to pay the student fee it is necessary that your supervisor certifies that you are a student by sending an email that states this to the MALLOW organizers. If you have special needs, please, fill the field "Notes" in the form or write an email to the organizers.

Accomodation Form

No room is available anymore.

In order for you to pay the student fee we need a certification that you are a student.
To this aim, if this is your case, please, ask your supervisor to send an email stating that you are a (Ph.D.) student working under his/her supervision to the address agents[at]di[dot]unito[dot]it.

Registration Form

Early registration deadline (New!!): August, 14th, 2009 (it was: August, 7th, 2009).
Late registration deadline: August, 31st, 2009.

Early registration fee: 200 euros.
Late registration fee: 240 euros.
On-site registration fee: 280 euros.
Important: on-site it will be possible to pay only by credit card!

When you will click on the link below you will go to a page written in Italian. In order to switch to English, click on the UK flag that you will see at the top-right corner of the page.

If you already registered to EASSS 2009, you already have an account on the system. You can use it to start your registration immediately.

If you do not have an account you have to fill a first form, after which you will get a login and a password for doing the actual registration. To this aim, it is necessary that you supply a correct email address.

The form is general and not specifically meant for a scientific workshop, so it is, for instance, possible to register a whole company as a participant. Please, be sure to check "Private" ("Privato", in Italian) as a value for "User kind" ("Tipo utente"). The field "Institution" ("Società") is for your affiliation. It is not mandatory in the form but it is important for us that you fill this field. "Department" ("Divisione") is instead optional. Depending on your country a "VAT" ("IVA") field may appear. It is not mandatory.

In the top part of the form, you will find the "Authorization Treatment of the Sensitive Data" ("Autorizzazione Trattamento dei Dati Sensibili"). If you select the option "No, I do not agree" ("No, Non presto il consenso"), the company that handles registrations will not be allowed to use your data so they cannot send you login and password to complete the registration. We are very sorry for this but it was not possible to have the form changed.

After you send the data in the form, you will receive an email with login and password. By using them you can do the actual registration, paying also the registration fee. After you login, you will be shown a page that allows you to modify your personal data, then you go to a page that allows you to select your role (participant) and the fee (there is only one choice). After you chose you are shown a summary. Then you are asked if the invoice is to be written to your name or to your company, about the address to put on the invoice, and, finally, you can choose whether paying by bank transfer or directly online, by credit card.

Important: if you pay by bank transfer, you must fax a copy of the payment to this number: +390112446900. Please write on the fax cover "MALLOW Registration".

In order to register to MALLOW please, follow this link: registration form.