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EASSS 2009
IAT 2009

MALLOW federated workshops are:

  • Agents, Web Services and Ontologies, Integrated Methodologies (MALLOW-AWESOME)
    Organizers: Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Jamal Bentahar, Viviana Mascardi

    Following the success of the previous edition held in Durham in 2007, MALLOW-AWESOME'009 wants to stimulate discussion among researchers working on Agents, Web Services, and Ontologies, in order to help the identification and the definition of Methodologies for integrating them. The realisation of distributed, open, dynamic, and heterogeneous software systems is, in fact, a challenge that involves many facets, from formal theories to software engineering and practical applications. Scientists in various research areas, such as Semantic Web, Web Services, Agents, Ontologies, are attacking this problem from different perspectives. MALLOW-AWESOME'009 attempts to provide a discussion forum for collecting and comparing such diverse experiences with the aim of fostering cross fertilization.

  • Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in Agent Systems in Online Communities (COIN in Online Communities)
    Organizers: Julian Padget, Axel Polleres

    The COIN workshop series brings together the topics of coordination, organization, institutions and norms in the context of multi-agent systems. This edition of COIN focusses on these issues in the context of on-line communities, where we seek contributions that explore the dimensions of social, legal, economic and technological norms as they affect agent-agent, agent-human, human-human interactions.

  • Formal Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems (FAMAS)
    Organizers: Barbara Dunin-Keplicz, Rineke Verbrugge

    In recent years, multiagent systems have come to form one of the key technologies for software development. The fourth edition of the FAMAS workshop series, after the success of FAMAS'03 affiliated to ETAPS'03 in Warsaw, FAMAS'06 affiliated with ECAI'06 in Riva del Garda, and FAMAS'007 affiliated with MALLOW'007 in Durham, aims to bring together researchers from the fields of logic, theoretical computer science and multiagent systems in order to discuss formal techniques for specifying and verifying multi-agent systems.

  • LAnguages, methodologies and Development tools for multi-agent systemS (LADS)
    Organizers: Mehdi Dastani, Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, João Leite, Paolo Torroni

    LADS'09 aims to offer a rich forum for leading researchers, from both academia and industry, interested in sharing their experiences about the theory and practice of formal approaches, programming languages, tools and techniques that support the development and deployment of multi-agent systems. These are gaining increasing attention in important application areas such as electronic institutions, semantic web, web services, security, grid computing, ambient intelligence, pervasive computing, electronic contracting, among others.

  • Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation (MAS&S)
    Organizers: Giancarlo Fortino, Massimo Cossentino, Juan Pavon, Marie-Pierre Gleizes

    MAS&S'09 aims at providing a forum for discussing recent advances on the integration of Simulation and Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) methodologies and techniques for the analysis, design, validation and implementation of Multi-Agent Systems.

  • COST AT Argumentation day (Argumentation)
    Organizers: Guido Boella, Leendert van der Torre

    The topic of the day will be new directions in argumentation, such as temporal dynamics, fibring of argumentation frameworks, modal logics of argumentation, modal provability foundations for argumentation, etc. The day will start with the MALLOW plenary session invited speaker Prof. Dov Gabbay.